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Last Revised 

Jan. 17, 2015

"Fair Share" Due Dates 
July 21, 2014: 200.00
Aug 15, 2014: 150.00
Sept 15, 2014: 100.00
Oct 15, 2014: 100.00
Nov 15, 2014: 100.00



Updated (1/2015)  2015 Spring Calendar 

 Pay Fair Share 

2014-2015 Fair Share Schedule  - $650.00

July 15, 2014: $200.00
Aug 15, 2014:  $150.00
Sept 15, 2014:  $100.00
Oct 15, 2014:  $100.00
Nov 15, 2014:  $100.00

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Hillwood Band is now on Facebook!  You don't need a Facebook account to see the page, but you do need an account to "become a fan" and get instant updates!  
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 Hillwood HS Monthly Band Rehearsal and Performance Schedule 
Questions? Please contact the director at Benjamin.Zolkower@mnps.org


 Upcoming Events 
 Fundraising Opportunities 

Need to know more about fundraising for your account?

Have ideas for raising money?

Contact Cindy Smith at smithra17@comcast.net.

Volunteer with Central Parking!

  • Most events pay $8.50 per hour which goes directly to your band account.
  • Special events sometimes pay more than the usual.
  • Parking lots are downtown at various locations including Bridgestone Arena and Titans Stadium. Also Vanderbilt Basketball games on the Vandy campus.
  • All events require adults (18 and over) but some do allow minors (16 and 17) to work with adults.

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